Two MCB Faculty Selected as Fulbright Scholars

Dr. Carolyn Teschke was recently selected as a Fulbright Scholar, and plans to visit the University of York during the Spring of 2022. She joins our other Fulbright Scholar, Dr. Michael Lynes, who was re-selected for the current year after the pandemic prevented his going to the University of Bergen last year.

Dr. Teschke plans to mathematically model virus assembly reactions to better understand how the process is controlled to produce proper virus capsids. She will also investigate how viruses evolve larger sizes by in silico remodeling of the protein that makes the virus capsid.

Department head and professor of molecular and cell biology Michael Lynes, will conduct research at the Center for Diabetes Research at the University of Bergen in Norway, to explore the relevance of a therapeutic antibody he developed that can prevent the progression of Type 1 diabetes in mice, and whether it could effectively be used in treating patients.