Month: June 2024

First-Ever Sequencing of Great Ape X and Y Chromosomes

UConn researchers helped complete nationwide effort to understand ape genome. Tor the first time, researchers have assembled a complete “end-to-end” reference genome for the sex chromosomes of five great ape species and one lesser ape species. The findings shed light on the evolution of sex chromosomes and inform understanding of diseases related to genes on these chromosomes in both apes and humans.

Education in Aging and Geroscience Research Program (EAGR) announces 2024 Scholars

EAGR Program Director, Kenneth Campellone is pleased to announce that six undergraduate students have been named as 2024 scholars. Bailey Millis, Kelsey Gorgei, Emily Szydlo, Elizabeth Parkerson, Milad Zameeri, and RoseMina Notch will participate in an immersive, hands-on Summer research program in Geroscience research labs at UConn and UConn Health. The UConn Undergraduate Education in […]