Author: Vining, Susan

First-Ever Sequencing of Great Ape X and Y Chromosomes

UConn researchers helped complete nationwide effort to understand ape genome. Tor the first time, researchers have assembled a complete “end-to-end” reference genome for the sex chromosomes of five great ape species and one lesser ape species. The findings shed light on the evolution of sex chromosomes and inform understanding of diseases related to genes on […]

GO:MCB Announces 24-25 Executive Board

GO:MCB has announced the results of the 24-25 e-board election. President: Josette Nammour Vice President: Katherine Scalise Secretary: Heather Jamieson Outreach Coordinator: Shania Kalladanthyil Diversity Facilitator: Mullein Francis DEIC Grad  Representatives: Sophia Gosseline and Katherine Fleck

Education in Aging and Geroscience Research Program (EAGR) announces 2024 Scholars

EAGR Program Director, Kenneth Campellone is pleased to announce that six undergraduate students have been named as 2024 scholars. Bailey Millis, Kelsey Gorgei, Emily Szydlo, Elizabeth Parkerson, Milad Zameeri, and RoseMina Notch will participate in an immersive, hands-on Summer research program in Geroscience research labs at UConn and UConn Health. The UConn Undergraduate Education in […]

Arcane Archaea

The Santago-Martinez lab uses modern approaches to investigate ancient things. -by Stacey Hanlon Cellular life on Earth can be classified into one of three domains: Eukarya (Eukaryota), Bacteria, and Archaea. Though most of us are familiar with species that fall into the Eukaryota and Bacteria domains, those belonging to the Archaea domain are often ignored […]

Announcing the first ‘Picturing MCB’ Image Competition

In science, there are often times when art and data are indistinguishable. To showcase the beauty of the Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Department’s research and the creativity of its members, we are proud to introduce the first Picturing MCB Image Competition! Anyone associated with the MCB Department may submit an unlimited number of entries […]

2024 All-Biology Colloquium

The All-Biology Colloquium was held with great success on Friday, April 26, 2024. The Colloquium showcased undergraduate research occurring in the three Biology departments at UConn. Award winners were celebrated at a reception prior to the graduation ceremonies on May 5. Congratulations to these exceptional students! Biology Director’s Award: Carrie Epstein (PNB) and Alana Grant […]

MCB Major Paxton Tomko ’24 Receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Paxton Tomko ’24 is a molecular and cell biology major and her faculty mentor is Assistant Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology/Microbiology Geo Santiago-Martínez. In the fall, she will be starting a master’s in oceanography at UConn Avery Point, working with Professor of Marine Sciences Pieter Visscher. Tomko’s research interests are in geobiology and astrobiology and […]

MCB Undergrads Receive 2024 SURF Awards

2024 Summer Undergraduate Research Fund (SURF) Awards have been announced. Of the 50 recipients, 13 are Molecular and Cell Biology majors! These students were selected from a strong group of applicants representing diverse areas of academic inquiry. Congratulations to Keertana Chagari ’25 (Molecular and Cell Biology, CLAS) Project Title: Reproducible Bioinformatic Workflows to Produce Diploid […]