Month: November 2016

Prof. Eric May and Postdoc Shivangi Nangia will investigate Virus Infection Mechanisms on World’s Fastest Supercomputer for Biomolecular Simulations.

Drs. May and Nangia have received an allocation on the Anton2 supercomputer donated to the Pittsburg Supercomputing Center by D.E. Shaw Research. The allocation was granted based upon a competitive application process which involved peer review by a panel convened by the National Research Council. The allocation will allow them to analyze viral protein-membrane interactions […]

MCB Professional Science Master’s Winter Courses

Exciting opportunities offered through the MCB Professional Science Master’s (PSM) program Winter Session 2017. Hands on training on state-of-the-art instruments through short, intense modular training courses. This winter we will be offering two modules. Open to graduate and undergraduate students with the required prerequisites