Month: December 2014

Drs. Graf and Gogarten featured in the UConn Today!

Bacteria’s Game of ‘Telephone’ Foils Microbiologists’ Eavesdropping: While human families are easily illustrated as a tree, bacterial families look more like a heap of branches. Scientists are trying to trace the connections between those branches in an effort to learn more about the bacteria that harm us, and those that do not. UConn’s Peter Gogarten […]

Drs. Graf and Gogarten received ~$400,000 grant from the USDA

entitled “Establishment Of Genomic Tools For Investigating Fish Pathogens”. As part of this grant they will sequence the genomes of several important fish pathogens, Yersinia ruckeri and Aeromonas spp, perform metatranscriptomic analyses of Y. ruckeri and Flavobacterium physcrophilium, and develop a cell culture model to assess virulence of different bacterial fish pathogens.