Month: October 2014

MCB major and honors student Yue (Jay) Lin ’15 is featured in the October issue of Inside CLAS.

Student Studies Humanity through Art and Medicine: In recent months, a Storrs-based version of the wildly popular Humans of New York blog—which shares the stories of strangers through photographs accompanied by short captions—has gained the attention of members of the UConn community. But readers of the Humans of UConn Facebook and Tumblr accounts may be […]

Professor David Knecht: ‘Breadcrumb trail’ of fatty acid drives aggressive spread of melanoma.

Melanoma is an unusually aggressive cancer which spreads or metastasizes very quickly early in the tumor development. The driver of this spread away from the primary tumor has not been well understood. Now results of a new study have shown that melanoma cells follow a ‘breadcrumb trail’ of a fatty serum component called lysophosphatidic acid […]

MCB joins in the welcome for our colleagues at the new Jackson Laboratory Center for Genomic Medicine

MCB is developing many connections with the new Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine that has just opened on the Farmington Campus.  A number of MCB faculty have already submitted grant proposals with JaxGM faculty, there are internship agreements with the Applied Genomics and Microbial Systems Analysis professional science master’s programs in MCB, as well as […]

Dr. Eric May and Graduate Student Jason Pattis to run simulations on world’s fastest computer for molecular dynamics.

Through a competitive application process run by the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Dr. May and Pattis have received an allocation on the Anton supercomputer. Anton is a specialized supercomputer designed by D.E. Shaw Research for the sole purpose of performing molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecules. May and Pattis will use their 50,000 node-hour allocation to compute […]

MCB Undergrads Making the News!

Click to view the NBC video. UConn students, CT Children’s medical researchers and children and their families are partnering in a novel collaboration and changing the face of medical care for kids in Connecticut. The UCONN students in the Undergraduate Research Associate Program (URAP) in the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology, work closely with […]