Month: January 2015

A recent series of articles written by MCB graduate student Scott Chimileski (from the Papke Lab) were among the top 10 most read on the Naturejobs blog at the end of 2014.

Scott argued that there is room for optimism among recent pessimism regarding science jobs and funding by looking at historical trends and interviewing successful scientists, including MCB assistant professor Jonathan Klassen. Click here for the link to the Naturejobs Blog. Congratulations, Scott!   

MCB Notes December 2014 issue released

Highlighting Asst. Professor Leighton Core’s recent Nature Genetics article, a new grant awarded to Assoc. Prof. Kenneth Campellone, the 2014 Khairallah Symposium, and the accomplishments of MCB Honors undergraduate Sonya Haupt, SB3 graduate student Jason Pattis, and Prof. David Goldhamer.