Month: September 2014

The 2014 Khairallah Symposium: Tuesday, October 7, 2014. Invited Seminar: “Electron Cryomicroscopy of Rotary ATPases” by Dr. John Rubinstein.

Since 1997, the Dr. Edward A. Khairallah Fund for Scholarship has supported ongoing symposia and support for graduate students pursuing degrees in biochemistry, cell biology or toxicology. This year’s Symposium will pay tribute to his late wife, Dr. Lamia H. Khairallah, and her enduring contributions to teaching and research at the University of Connecticut. It […]

Professor Burkhard’s in UConn Today

A self-assembling nanoparticle designed by a UConn professor is the key component of a potent new malaria vaccine that is showing promise in early tests. For years, scientists trying to develop a malaria vaccine have been stymied by the malaria parasite’s ability to transform itself and “hide” in the liver and red blood cells of […]

Dr. Barbara Mellone was awarded a $510,000 grant from the NSF, “Characterization of a novel, evolutionarily distinct chaperone for centromeric histone H3.”

Abstract: This research will take an evolutionary approach to understand how centromeres assemble. Centromeres are essential elements of chromosomes that are crucial for proper transmission of genetic information from cell to cell during cell division. When centromeres fail to assemble correctly, the result can be an imbalance in chromosome number whereby cells have too many […]