Month: June 2015

AAAS successfully launched Science Advances with Philip Yeagle.

AAAS has successfully launched Science Advances, with Philip Yeagle as a deputy Editor. Science Advances, a sister journal to Science (the premier scientific journal in the world, along with Nature) as an on-line, open access and prestigious venue for the most exciting advances in science.  Philip Yeagle, along with 5 other international Deputy Editors, is […]

MCB Professional Science Master’s Summer Biology Courses

Exciting opportunities offered through the MCB Professional Science Master’s (PSM) program this May term and Summer Session. Hands on training on state-of-the-art instruments through short, intense modular training courses. This summer we will be offering nine modules. In the intermediate and advanced modules, students will be trained on a next generation sequencing instrument, the Illumina […]

On May 12, 2015 UConn MCB hosted the 4th Annual CT Symbiosis Symposium

We had 78 registrants from 8 different institutions. There were 7 talks throughout the day, including systems as diverse as insect-microbe interactions, the human microbiome, and the sociobiology of the genome and topics ranging from genomics to physiology to chemistry. The day ended with a well-attended poster session including 25 presenters from throughout the Connecticut […]