Month: April 2014

Exciting opportunities offered in the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) program this summer.

Hands on training on state-of-the-art instruments through short, intense modular training courses. This summer we will be offering 5 modules. In the intermediate and advanced modules, students will be trained on next generation sequencing instruments, the Illumina MiSeq and the Ion Torrent Proton. In the “Characterization of Microbial Communities” module, each student will sequence and […]

Undergraduate honors student Pat Lenehan, conducting research in the laboratory of professor Barbara Mellone, is named Barry H. Goldwater scholar

Patrick J. Lenehan ’15 (CLAS), an honors student from Cheshire, Conn., is currently conducting research with Barbara Mellone, assistant professor of molecular and cell biology, on proteins and the formation of centromeres and kinetochores in Drosophila. He has also worked in the lab of Rajeswari Kasi, associate professor of chemistry, investigating the use of high-molecular […]