Month: May 2016

The MCB Department has a new Seahorse XFp extracellular flux analyzer

The Seahorse Bioscience XFp Instrument (Agilent Technologies) is used for the analysis of cellular metabolism and energy utilization (i.e., the “energy phenotype”) of cell samples. This technology allows researchers to connect physiological traits of cells with genomic and proteomic data to give significant insights into pathological states (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative disease).

Congratulations to Dr. Lynes for receiving a highly competitive UConn SPARK Technology Commercialization Fund Program award for his work on Anti-metallothionein antibody: a safe and effective anti-inflammatory therapy!

The UConn SPARK Technology Commercialization Fund provides that invaluable initial support to move technologies along the innovation continuum so they can more quickly and successfully reach the market, benefit society, and impact economic growth in Connecticut. View full article here.