Congratulations to Stephen Hessler and Tyler Daman, recipients of the Beckman Coulter award.

This award enabled Stephen and Tyler to attend the prestigious Advanced Analytical Ultracentrifugation Workshop and Symposium in Danbury, CT. The Advanced AUC workshop is a leading scientific event for promoting training, collaboration, and innovation in the field of protein interaction science and technology.

Stephen Hessler and Tyler Daman were chosen for this award. The work of both candidates demonstrated great potential for using analytical ultracentrifugation in their future research careers. Stephen is a PhD. graduate student studying in the lab of James Cole at the University of Connecticut. For his thesis research, he intends to pursue some fundamental questions regarding the mechanism of activation of PKR, an important protein involved in the innate immune response and the body’s response to viral infection.  Tyler Daman is a PhD graduate student studying in the lab of Victoria Robinson at the University of Connecticut.  He is studying the intrinsically disordered features of Drosophila Nucleostemin using SAXS and various biophysical techniques, including AUC.

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