Michael Lynes


Molecular and Cell Biology / Cell and Developmental Biology / Genetics and Genomics

Education: Ph.D. University of North Carolina

Research Interests: Genetic and biochemical regulation of lymphocyte activation and differentiation in normal and stressed immune responses. Role of environmental toxicants in diseases of the immune system, and metallothionein-mediated mechanisms of immunotoxicity. Mechanisms of chemotactic cell movement.  Multiplexed microarray platforms for cell and protein detection.

Selected Publications:
Rice, J.M., Zweifach, A., and Lynes, M.A. (2016) Metallothionein Regulates Intracellular Zinc Signaling during CD4+ T cell Activation. BMC Immunology; DOI: 10.1186/s12865-016-0151-2.

Dennis, K.K., Marder, M.E., Balshaw, D.M., Cui, Y., Lynes, M.A., Patti, G.J, Rappaport, S.M., Shaughnessy, D., Sosnoff, C., Vrijheid, M., Barr, D.B. (2016) Biomonitoring in the Era of the Exposome. Environmental Health Perspectives; DOI:10.1289/EHP474.

Emeny RE, Kasten-Jolly J,  Mondal T, Lynes MA, Lawrence DA (2015) Metallothionein differentially affects the host response to Listeria infection both with and without an additional stress from cold-restraint. Cell Stress and Chaperones. 20(6):1013-22 PMID: 26267326

Devisscher L, H.P., Lynes M, Waeytens A, Cuvelier C, De Vos F, Vanhove C, De Vos M, Laukens D.(2014) Role of metallothioneins as danger signals in the pathogenesis of colitis. J. Pathol 233:89-100 DOI: 10.1002/path.4330

Lynes, M.A., Hidalgo, J., Manso, Y., Devisscher, L., Laukens, D., and Lawrence, D.A. (2014) Metallothionein and stress combine to affect multiple organ systems. Cell Stress and Chaperones. In press. PMID: 24584987

R.T. Emeny, G. Marusov, D.A. Lawrence, J. Pederson-Lane, X. Yin, M.A. Lynes, Manipulations of metallothionein gene dose accelerate
the response to Listeria monocytogenes, Chemico-Biological Interactions (2009), doi:10.1016/j.cbi.2009.06.018

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Jin,G-B, Unfricht, D.W., Fernandez, S.M., and Lynes, M.A. (2006) Cytometer on a chip: Cellular phenotypic and functional analysis using grating-coupled surface plasmon resonance. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 22: 200-206
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B.L. Lyons, M.A. Lynes, N. Hadjout, M. J. Joliat, D. A. Lawrence, M. Barber and L.D. Shultz “The Origins of Anemia in Autoimmune Viable Motheaten Mice” (2003) Exp. Hematol.31: 234-243.
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Michael Lynes
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