MCB Announces 2020 Summer Fellowship Awards

Congratulations to the following MCB students – they have been awarded 2020 graduate and undergraduate summer fellowships:

Claire M. Berg Graduate Fellowship in Genetics – Nadine Lebek and Lauren Wainman

Arthur Chovnick Graduate Fellowship in GeneticsLuke Wojenski

Richard C. Crain, Jr. Memorial Fellowship – Wayne Mitchell

Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship in MCB and Pharmaceutical Sciences – Rambon Shamilov

Jean Lucas-Lenard Special Summer Fellowship in Biochemistry – Jennifer Podgorski and Geno Villafano

Philip I. Marcus Graduate Student Fellowship in Virology – Rishabh Kejriwal

Pfizer Summer Fellowship in Molecular and Cell Biology – Amy Thees

Antonio H. & Marjorie J. Romano Graduate Education Fellowship – Sean Gosselin

Todd M. Schuster Award in Molecular and Cell Biology – Katherine Lee

Edward A. and Lamia H. Khairallah Fellowship – Yifan Bao, Virginia King, and Emily Ng

Biohaven Pharmaceuticals Fellowship – Kathleen Kyle

These distinguished fellowships are made possible by some very generous donors and are offered on a competitive basis to the most highly qualified students.

 The donors and this year’s fellowship recipients will be honored during a special ceremony at the next MCB Retreat.

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