Professors Lynes and Graf part of a team that received a multi-institution grant to study syndrome affecting children with Covid 19

Michael Lynes and Joerg Graf are part of a multi-institution grant to develop biomarker signatures for MIS-C (multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children) that can develop children infected with coronavirus. The Lynes research team will use the grating coupled surface plasmon resonance imaging systems that they have developed with Ciencia, Inc. to measure biomarker signatures in serum and saliva, and the Graf group will identify the composition of the microbiome in the saliva of these patients.  In concert with measures made at the NY Department of Health, Connecticut Children’s Hospital, Jackson Laboratory of Genomic Medicine, and NYU, the plan is to use these biomarker signatures both to diagnose and predict the course of MIS-C disease, and to suggest new and effective therapeutic interventions.

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