MCB Undergraduates Among Spring 2020 UConn IDEA Grant Recipients

Elena Haarer ’21, Mehreen Pasha ’22, Vinayak Mishra ’21, and Elisabeth Rothman ’21 are among the 33 students who have been awarded UConn IDEA Grants to support 2020-21 academic year projects.

Elena Haarer ’21 - The Nuclear Option: Exploring Actin Cytoskeletal Functions in Cellular Aging Processes 

Mehreen Pasha ’22 - When Problems Become Solutions: Adapting Acvr1 Mutant Fibroadipogenic Progenitors (FAPs) to Repair Bone Fractures

Vinayak Mishra ’21 - UConn Podcast Symposium: Agents of Change

Elisabeth Rothman ’21 - Detection of Carbapenem Antibiotic Resistance Among Enterobacteriaceae Family in Mastitic Milk Isolates

The UConn IDEA Grant program awards funding to support self-designed projects including artistic endeavors, community service initiatives, research projects, prototyping and entrepreneurial ventures, and other creative and innovative projects.

Complete list of Recipients