Congratulations to Klara Reisch, from Dr. Papke’s lab, for receiving a 2015 Holster Award!

The Holster Scholars First Year program is a highly selective enrichment opportunity for first-year Honors students. Beyond some basic requirements, projects are self-designed. Klara’s project will test the effects of glycoproteins in archaea on their ability to mate. Research has shown that there are several genes in the model organism, Haloferax volcanii, responsible for glycoprotein production. In order to test their effect on mating efficiencies, these genes would be silenced through a series of genetic knockouts. Once the mutants have been constructed, a series of mating experiments will be performed using a common filter-based technique to determine whether the targeted genes do indeed affect genetic transfer rates using the parental strains as comparisons.

From this award, Klara has received $4,000 of summer research funding. Congratulations, Klara!