MCB Undergraduates present at ASM Microbe 2017

Hannah Guilani and Sabrina Yum-Chan, two UConn students from the MCB course “Microbe Hunters-Crowdsourcing Antibiotic Discovery” presented posters at the 4th Annual Small World Initiative (SWI) Symposium. The SWI Symposium was held in conjunction with the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Microbe 2017 meeting in New Orleans in early June. In addition to presenting their posters, Hannah and Sabrina had the opportunity to attend diverse talks and presentations at the Microbe meeting and their team “The UConn SWI Life” placed 2nd in the SWI Scavenger Hunt. The Microbe Hunters course, taught by Drs. Nichole Broderick and Trish Rossi, is part of the Small World Initiative, a novel introductory course that introduces students to hands-on research, while tackling the antibiotics crisis.

Also in attendance at ASM Microbe was recent MCB graduate, Kevin Burke, who presented a poster on his independent research with Dr. Broderick’s lab looking at the impacts of diet switching and the microbiome on Drosophila host physiology.

Dr. Broderick participated in the ASM Live Theater at Microbe 2017 as part of an interview for an upcoming book on Women in Microbiology with Drs. Jo Handelsman (Wisconsin Institute for Discovery), Courtney J. Robinson (Howard University), and Pat Schloss (UMichigan).

Hannah Guilani
UConn undergraduate Hannah Guilani presenting her UConn MCB SWI poster as part of the 4th Annual SWI Symposium.


Sabrina Yum-Chan
Sabrina Yum-Chan (rising junior and PNB, MCB major) at the entrance to ASM Microbe 2017 in New Orleans.


ASM Microbe 2017
Hannah Guilani, Kevin Burke, and Sabrina Yum-Chan enjoying ASM Microbe 2017


at Microbe 2017 on Women in Microbiology
MCB faculty member Nichole Broderick participates in an interview with Drs. Pat Schloss, Courtney J. Robinson, and Jo Handelsman as part of ASM Live at Microbe 2017 on Women in Microbiology.

A few photos from the 2017 Commencement celebrations

2017 Undergraduate Awardees with thier mentors
Left to Right:
Dr. Joerg Graf with Spoorthi Sampath, recipient of the Claire Berg Award.
Dr. Ken Campellone with Isabel Nip, recipient of the Outstanding Senior in MCB Award.
Dr. Peter Gogarten with Sean Gosselin, recipient of the Excellence in Applied Genetics and Technology Award.
MCB Professional Science Master's (PSM) 2017 graduates
MCB Professional Science Master’s (PSM) 2017 graduates
From left to right –
Emmanuel Divinagracia, Jennifer Wobrock, Eric Stas, Dr. Joerg Graf, Nhut (Alex) Nguyen, Ethan Cope, Didem Ozcan, Shannon Sullivan, Erin Breaker
M.S. Applied Genomics: Wobrock, Stas, Nguyen, Ozcan, Sullivan
M.S. Microbial Systems Analysis: Divinagracia, Cope, Breaker
Lynes with 2017 Outstanding TAs
2017 Outstanding MCB TA’s received their awards from Michael Lynes. (Jeffrey “JD” Tamucci and Kavitha Kannan)

Congratulations on your retirement, Professor Arlene Albert!

The department celebrates the many contributions that have been made by Professor Arlene Albert over the past 20 years of her membership in the faculty of Molecular and Cell Biology.  It is with considerable admiration that we note that in this, her final year as a member of the regular faculty before retiring, that she was recognized with the UConn-AAUP Excellence Award for Teaching Innovation.

Albert retirement