MCB Student, Varsha Irvathraya ’23, Awarded UConn IDEA Grant

UConn announced the Fall 2021 IDEA (Imagine/Develop/Engage/Apply) grant award winners. Among them are MCB student Varsha Irvathraya ’23,  Molecular and Cell Biology, CLAS. This award will support her summer 2022 project: Exploring the Role of Kctd6 in Regulating the Shh Signaling Pathway.  Varsha will explore the pathways involved in limb development, with a focus on the role of Kctd6 in the Hh signaling pathway. Varsha will analyze the effect of simultaneous Kctd6 and Shh expression on Gli1 expression and identify proteins interacting with Kctd6 in the Hh pathway. The UConn IDEA Grant program awards funding to support self-designed projects including artistic endeavors, community service initiatives, research projects, prototyping and entrepreneurial ventures, and other creative and innovative projects. Undergraduates in all majors at all UConn campuses can apply. Applications are accepted twice per year from individuals and from small groups who plan to work collaboratively on a project. The application for UConn IDEA Grant 2022-2023 academic year funding is now open. The UConn IDEA Grant program awards funding of up to $4000 per student to support original, creative, innovative, student-designed projects. Undergraduates in all majors can apply. Application deadline is 3/11/22.  More information on the UConn IDEA Grant program - including program eligibility and timelines - can be found at