Judith Kelly

Professor Emeritus

Retired: 2003

Currently: Maine School Science Volunteers

Education: Ph.D. The University of Connecticut; Postdoctoral study, University of Alberta, Canada; Université de Liêge, Belgium; Visiting Senior Fellow, University of Oxford; Visiting Professor, University of Copenhagen.

Research Interests: Protein structure and function using techniques of X-ray diffraction, kinetic methods and interactive computer graphics. Drug inhibition of enzyme catalysis; protein-protein interactions; investigation of enzyme mechanisms at the atomic level; high-speed, three-dimensional graphics modelling of biological marcomolecules.

Selected Publications:
Herbert E. Klei, Gaston O. Daumy, and Judith A. Kelly. 1995. Purification and preliminary crystallographic studies of penicillin G acylase from Providencia rettgeri. Protein Science 4:433-441.

Alexandre P. Kuzin, Hansong Liu, Judith A. Kelly, and James R. Knox. 1995. Binding of cephalothin and cefotaxime to D-ala-D-ala peptidase reveals a functional basis of a natural mutation in a low-affinity penicillin-binding protein and in extended spectrum beta-lactamases. Biochemistry 34: 9532-9540.

Judith A. Kelly, and Alexandre P. Kuzin. 1995. The refined crystallographic structure of a DD-peptidase penicillin-target enzyme at 1.6 Angstroms resolution. J. Mol. Biol., 254: 223-236.

Judith A. Kelly, Alexandre P. Kuzin, Paulette Charlier, Emiline Fonze. 1998. X-ray Studies of Enzymes that Interact with Penicillins. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences54: 353-358.

Michael A. McDonough, Herbert. E. Klei, and Judith A. Kelly. 1999. Crystal Structure of Penicillin G Acylase from the Bro1 Mutant Strain of Providencia rettgeri. Protein Science 8(10):1971-81.

Wenlin Lee, Michael A. McDonough, Lakshmi P. Kotra, Zhi-Hong Li, Nicholas R. Silvaggi, Yoshifumi Takeda, Judith A. Kelly and Shahriar Mobashery. 2001. A 1.2Å Snapshot of a DD-Peptidase Catalyzing the Final Step of Bacterial Cell Wall Biosynthesis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA 98:1427-31.

Michael A. McDonough, John W. Anderson, Nicholas R. Silvaggi, R. F. Pratt, James R. Knox, and Judith A. Kelly. 2002. Structures of Two Kinetic Intermediates Reveal Species Specificity of Penicillin Binding Proteins Journal of Molecular Biology, 322(1):111-122.

Silvaggi, N. R., J. W. Anderson, S. R. Brinsmade, R. F. Pratt, and J. A. Kelly. 2003. The Crystal Structure of Phosphonate-Inhibited D-Ala-D-Ala Peptidase Reveals an Analogue of a Tetrahedral Transition State. Biochemistry 42(5):1199-1208.

Silvaggi, N. R., K. Kaur, S. A. Adediran, R.F. Pratt, J. A. Kelly. 2004. Toward Better Antibiotics:  Crystallographic Studies of a Novel Class of DD-Peptidase/ b -Lactamase Inhibitors. Biochemistry 43 (22):7046-7053.

Silvaggi, N. R., H. R. Josephine, A. P. Kuzin, R. Nagarajan, R.F. Pratt, J. A. Kelly. 2005. Crystal Structures of Complexes Between the R61 DD-Peptidase and Peptidoglycan-mimetic b -Lactams: A Non-covalent Complex with a “Perfect Penicillin”. Journal of Molecular Biology 345 (3):521-533.

linás A., N. Ahmed, M. Cordaro, A. P. Laws, J. M. Frère, M. Galleni, N. R. Silvaggi, J. A. Kelly, M. I. Page. 2005. The Inactivation of Baterial DD-Peptidase by b -Sultams. Biochemistry 44 (21):7738-7746.

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