Jean Lucas-Lenard

Professor Emeritus

Molecular and Cell Biology

Retired: 1995

Education: Ph.D. Yale University

Research Interests: Vesicular stomatitis virus genes involved in host translation and transcription shut-off; the effect of cannabinoids on the adenylate cyclase/cAMP signal transduction pathway in Chinese hamster ovary cells transfected with the human cannabinoid receptor.

Selected Publications:

Boulares, A.H., M.C. Ferran, and J. Lucas-Lenard. 1996. NF-kB activation is delayed in mouse L929 cells infected with interferon suppressing, but not inducing, vesicular stomatitis virus strains. Virology 218:71-80.

Ferran, M.C. and J. Lucas-Lenard. 1997. The vesicular stomatitis virus matrix protein inhibits transcription from the human B-interferon promoter. J. Virol. 71:371-377.

Chin, C., Lucas-Lenard, J., Abadji, V., and Kendall, D.A. 1998. Ligand binding and modulation of cyclic AMP levels depend on the chemical nature of residue 192 of the human cannabinoid receptor 1. J. Neurochem. 70:366-373.

Abadji, V., Lucas-Lenard, J.M., Chin, C., and Kendall, D.A. 1999. Involvement of the carboxyl terminus of the third intracellular loop of the cannabinoid receptor in constitutive activation of Gs. J. Neurochem. 72:2032-2038.

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