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Cell Biology
Genetics and Genomics
Structural Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics

Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
University of Connecticut
91 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3125
Storrs, CT  06269-3125
P:  860-486-4329
F:  860-486-4331

Recent Publications

Andersson, R., Chen, Y., Core, L., Lis, J.T., Sandelin, A. & Jensen, T.H. 2015, "Human Gene Promoters Are Intrinsically Bidirectional", Molecular cell, vol. 60, no. 3, pp. 346-347.

Mahat, D.B., Kwak, H., Booth, G.T., Jonkers, I.H., Danko, C.G., Patel, R.K., Waters, C.T., Munson, K., Core, L.J. & Lis, J.T. 2016, "Base-pair-resolution genome-wide mapping of active RNA polymerases using precision nuclear run-on (PRO-seq)", Nature protocols, vol. 11, no. 8, pp. 1455-1476.

Stulberg E, GL Lozano, JB Morin, H Park, EG Baraban, C Mlot, C Heffelfinger, GM Phillips, JS Rush, AJ Phillips, NA Broderick, MG Thomas, EV Stabb, J. Handelsman. 2016. Genomic and secondary metabolite analyses of Streptomyces sp. 2AW provide insight into the evolution of the cycloheximide pathway. Front Microbiol 7:573

Broderick, NA 2016. Friend, foe or food? Recognition and the role of antimicrobial peptides in gut immunity and Drosophila–microbe interactions. Phil Trans R Soc. B 371:20150295

Palladino, J, Mellone, B.G. (2016) The KAT’s out of the bag: histone acetylation promotes centromere assembly. Developmental Cell (Preview). doi: 10.1016/j.devcel.2016.05.019

Chen, CC, Mellone, B.G. (2016) Chromatin assembly: Journey to the CENter of the chromosome. J Cell Biol. (Review). doi: 10.1083/jcb.201605005 .

Rice, J.M., Zweifach, A., and Lynes, M.A. (2016) Metallothionein Regulates Intracellular Zinc Signaling during CD4+ T cell Activation. BMC Immunology; DOI: 10.1186/s12865-016-0151-2.

Dennis, K.K., Marder, M.E., Balshaw, D.M., Cui, Y., Lynes, M.A., Patti, G.J, Rappaport, S.M., Shaughnessy, D., Sosnoff, C., Vrijheid, M., Barr, D.B. (2016) Biomonitoring in the Era of the Exposome. Environmental Health Perspectives; DOI:10.1289/EHP474

Emeny RE, Kasten-Jolly J,  Mondal T, Lynes MA, Lawrence DA (2015) Metallothionein differentially affects the host response to Listeria infection both with and without an additional stress from cold-restraint. Cell Stress and Chaperones. 20(6):1013-22 PMID: 26267326

Mayo, C.B., Wong, C.J., Lopez P.E., Lary, J.W., Cole, J.L. (2016) Activation of PKR by short stem-loop RNAs containing single-stranded arms. RNA, doi:10.1261/rna.053348.115.

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  • Eric May has received a 5 year $1.8 million grant from NIH Eric May has received a 5 year $1.8 million grant from NIH
    Eric May has received an R35 (MIRA) award from NIH Institute of General Medical Sciences.  This flexible award will fund research in the May lab that falls under the project umbrella of “Structural Dynamics of Viral Proteins: Computational Investigation of Capsids, Lytic Peptides and Nucleoproteins Under Varying Conditions”

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