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In science, there are often times when art and data are indistinguishable. To showcase the beauty of the Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) Department's research and the creativity of its members, we are proud to introduce the first Picturing MCB Image Competition! Anyone associated with the MCB Department may submit an unlimited number of entries for consideration to any of the following four categories:



Photographs taken with a microscope (stereoscope, confocal, electron microscope, etc.) at any magnification and with any type of illumination (brightfield, DIC, fluorescence, etc.).

Data Visualization:

Data Visualization

Images that display experiment data in an effective and visually compelling way. Examples include large plots of genomic data, phylogenetic trees, structural models of molecules, etc.

Cool Science:

Cool Science

Images (photos, drawings, digital art, etc.) inspired by science and are aesthetically pleasing, such as a picture of a flask with colorful liquid, a photogenic model organism, or an illustration with scientific themes.

MCB in Action:

MCB In Action

Images of MCB members engaging in science, such as conversing at conferences, presenting posters, listening to seminars, etc.

For each of the four categories above, the top entry will receive $250 in prize money and two runners-up will receive $100 each!  All winners will have their image displayed on the MCB website and in one of the MCB display cases for an entire year. Images that earn an "Honorable Mention" will receive $50 and be featured on the MCB website.

Keep in mind that images must be:
  • Submitted by the person who generated it and is not under a use license (i.e., is not published)
  • Not created or significantly altered by artificial intelligence (but images can be manually created or modified using software like ImageJ, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Accompanied by a short, one-sentence caption that briefly describes the image
  • In a standard format (.jpg, .tiff, .png, or .pdf), at least 1024 x 300 px, and under 100 MB.