Thomas Chen

Professor Emeritus

Molecular and Cell Biology

Retired: 2015

Education: Ph.D. University of Alberta; Postdoctoral study, Queen’s University

Research Interests: Current research activities in my laboratory center at the following areas:

  • structure, evolution and regulation of growth hormone and growth factor genes in finfish and shellfish;
  • molecular actions of growth hormone and growth factor;
  • development of disease resistant fish by genetic manipulation of antimicrobial peptide genes;
  • anti-tumor activities of the E-peptides of pro-IGF-I; and
  • development of fish cell cultures for assessing environmental pollutants.

Selected Publications:
(Selected from 157 publications)

  1. Chen, Maria J., Chiou, Pinwen P. Chiou, Liao, Y.-H., Lin, C.-M., and Chen, Thomas T.: Establishment and characterization of rainbow trout pituitary gland single-cell clones. Endocrinology 205: 69-78, 2010.
  2. Lo, Jay H. and Chen, Thomas T.: CCAAT/enhancer binding protein b2 is involved in growth hormone regulated IGF-II gene expression in the liver of rainbow trout (Onccorhynchus mykiss). Endocrinology 151: 2128-2139, 2010.
  3. Sallum, U. and Chen, Thomas T.: Molecular cloning of cecropin B responsive endonucleases in Yersinia ruckeri. Marine Biotechnol. 123: 56-65, 2011.
  4. Chen, Maria J., Lin, C.-M., and Chen, Thomas T.: Induction of Apoptosis in Human Cancer Cells by Rainbow Trout Ea4- or Human Eb-Peptide of Pro-Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I . In “Targeting New Pathways and Cell Death in Breast Cancer” (ed. by Aft, Rebecca L.), pp. 45-56, InTech, 2012.
  5. Chiou, Pin-Wen Peter, Chen, Maria J., Lin, Chun-Mean, Khoo, Jenny, Larson Jon, Holt, Rich, Leong, Jo-Ann, Thorgaard, Gary and Chen, Thomas T.: Production of cecropin P1 transgenic rainbow trout resistant to bacterial and viral pathogens. Marine Biotechnology 16: 289-308, 2014. DOI 10.1007/s10126-013-9550-z.
  6. Lo, Jay H., Lin, C.-M. , Chen, Maria J. and Chen, T.T.: Altered gene expression profile of innate/adaptive immune pathway genes in transgenic rainbow trout harboring cecropin P1 transgene. BMC – Genomics 15: 887-899, 2014.
  7. Chen, Thomas T., Lin, Chun-Mean, Chen, Maria J. Lo, Jay H1, Chiou, Pinwen Peter, Gong, Hong-Yi, Wu, Jen-Leih, Chen, Mark Hung-Chih, and Yarish, Charlie: Transgenic Marine Organisms. In “Springer Handbook of Marine Biotechnology” (ed. by Kim, S.-K.), Springer, pp. 387-411, 2015.
  8. Chen, Thomas T., Chen, Maria J., Lo, Jay H. and Lin, Chun-Mean: The unexpected anti-cancer activity of the E-peptide of rainbow trout pro-IGF-I. In “Marine Omics: Principle and Application, Encyclopaedia of Marine Biotechnology (ed. by Se-Kwon Kim). Wiley, 2015 (in press).
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