Simon White

Assistant Professor-Gratis Appointment

Molecular and Cell Biology / Structural Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics (SB3)


Research Interests: Simon White researches the mechanism of assembly of RNA viruses. In particular, the Picornaviridae encompass many important human and animal pathogens, such as polio, foot and mouth disease, and the common cold. These viruses have a significant global impact on health care systems and farming industries. White’s research focuses on understanding how this family of viruses hijack the infected cell’s machinery to produce new viral particles. He uses a combination of cryo-electron microscopy, cell biology, and single molecule biophysics to understand this process and identify novel targets for the development of anti-viral drugs.

Selected Publications:

Klein, R.C., Lewchick, B and White, S. (2019). Safe Plunge Freezing. Journal of Chemical Health and Safety. 26: 38-43.

Simon White
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