Emory Braswell

Professor Emeritus

Molecular and Cell Biology

Retired: 2002

Education: Ph.D. New York University

Research Interests: Physical chemistry and charge of macromolecules and their interaction with small molecules using analytical ultracentrifugation, light-scattering, and computer simulation studies.

Selected Publications:

Sun, T., M. Nukaga, K. Mayama, E.H. Braswell, and J. R.Knox (2003). “Comparison of Beta-lactamases of Classes A and D: 1.5A Crystallagraphic Structure of the Class D-OXA-1 Oxacillinase” Protein Science 12: 82-91.

Epand, R.M., E.H. Braswell, C.M. Yip, R.F. Epand, S. Maekawa (2003). “Quaternary Structure of the Neuronal protein NAP-22 in Aqueous Solution” Biochim. Et Biophys. Acta 1650: 50-58.

Doyle, S.M., E. Anderson, D. Zhu, E.H. Braswell, and C.M. Teschke (2003). “Rapid Unfolding of a Domain Populates an Aggregation-prone Intermediate that can be Recognized by GroEL” J. Mol. Biol. 332: 937-951.

Matsuura, J., A. Morris, R. Ketchum, E. Braswell, R. Klinke, W. Gombotz and R. Remmele (2001). “Biophysical Characterization of a Soluble CD40 Ligand (CD154) Coiled-Coil Trimer: Evidence of a Reversible Acid-Denatured Molten Globule” Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 392: 208-218.

Shahied, L., E. Braswell, W. LeStourgeon, A. Krezel.(2001) “An Antiparallel Four-helix Bundle Orients the High-affinity RNA Binding Sites in hnRNP C: A Mechanism for RNA Chaperonin Activity” JMB 405: 817-828.

Holtzer, M., E. Braswell, R. Angeletti, L. Mints, D. Zhu and A. Holtzer 2000. Ultracentrifuge and CD Studies of Folding Equilibria in a Retro GCN4-like Leucine Zippper Biophys. J. 78: 2037-2048

Doyle, S., E. Braswell, and C. Teschke, 2000. SecA folds via a Dimeric Intermediate. Biochemistry 39: 11667 -11676.

Schuck, P., E. Braswell (2000). “Measuring Protein-Protein Interactions by Equilibrium Sedimentation” in Current Protocols in Immunology.(J.E. Coligan, A. Kruisbeek, D.H. Margulies, E.M. Shevach, and W. Strober, eds.) pp. 18.8.1-18.8.22 John Wiley & Sons, New York.

Sengchanthalangsy, L., D. Datta, D.-B. Huang, E. Anderson, E.H. Braswell and G. Ghosh. 1999. Characterization of the Dimer Interface of Transcription Factor NFkB p50 Homodimer. J. Mol. Biol. 289: 1029-1040.

Georgescu. R.E., E.H. Braswell, D. Zhu and M.L. Tasayco. 1999. The Energetics of Assembling an Artificial Heterodimer with an alpha/beta Motif: Cleaved versus Uncleaved E. coli Thioredoxin. Biochemistry 38: 13355-13366.

Jones II, G., V. Vullev, E.H. Braswell, D. Zhu. 1999. Multi-step Photoinduced Electron Transfer in a de novo Helix Bundle: Multimer Self-assembly of Peptide Chains Including a Chromophore Special Pair. J. A. C. S. 122: 388-389.

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