Craig Nelson

Associate Professor

Molecular and Cell Biology / Genetics and Genomics

Education: B.A. Biochemistry, Cornell University; Ph.D., Genetics, Harvard University; Postdoctoral Fellowship, Evolution and Development, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Research Interests: Computational Biology, Embryonic Stem Cell Development and Differentiation, Genetic Regulatory Networks, Comparative Vertebrate Genomics, Vertebrate Evolution.

Selected Publications:

Chung KM, Kolling IV F, Gajdosik M, Burger S, Russell A, Nelson C (2014) Single Cell Analysis Reveals the Stochastic Phase of Reprogramming to Pluripotency Is an Ordered Probabilistic Process. POLS One DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0095304

Estimating the Relative Contributions of New Genes from Retrotransposition and Segmental Duplication Events During Mammalian Evolution. Jun J, Ryvkin P, Hemphill E, Mandoiu I, Nelson CE. RECOMB-CG’08, LNBI series (to appear) 2008.

Duplication mechanism and disruptions in flanking regions influence the fate of mammalian gene duplicates. Ryvkin P, Jun J, Hemphill E, Nelson CE. RECOMB-CG’08, LNBI series (to appear) 2008.

The UBX-regulated network in the haltere imaginal disc of D. melanogaster, Bradley M. Hersh, Craig E. Nelson, Samantha J. Stoll, Jason E. Norton, Thomas J. Albert, Sean B. Carroll. Developmental Biology 2007; 302(2): 717-27.

The Regulatory Content of Intergenic DNA Shapes Genome Architecture, C.E. Nelson*, B.M. Hersh*, S.B. Carroll. Genome Biology 2004; 5(4):R25.

Selector Genes and the Genetic Control of Evolutionary and Developmental Modules, Craig E. Nelson. In: Modularity in Evolution and Development. Edited by G. Schlosser and G. Wagner. University of Chicago Press, 2003.

Control Of A Genetic Regulatory Network By A Selector Gene, K.A. Guss*, C.E. Nelson*, A. Hudson, M.E. Kraus and S.B. Carroll. Science 2001; 292: 1164-1167.

Haploinsufficiency Of MSX1: A Mechanism For Selective Tooth Agenesis, Hu G, Vastardis H, Bendall AJ, Wang Z, Logan M, Zhang H, Nelson C, Stein S, Greenfield N, Seidman CE, Seidman JG, Abate-Shen C. Molecular Cell Biology 1998; 18(10):6044-51.

Analysis Of Hox Gene Expression In The Chick Limb Bud, C.E. Nelson*, B.A. Morgan*, A.C. Burke, E. Laufer, E. DiMambro, L.C. Murtaugh, E. Gonzales, L. Tessarollo, L.F. Parada and C. Tabin. Development 1996; 122: 1449-1466.

Differential Expression of Myogenic Regulatory Genes and Msx-1 During Dedifferentiation and Redifferentiation of Regenerating Amphibian Limbs, H.G. Simon, C.E. Nelson, D. Goff, E. Laufer, B.A. Morgan and C. Tabin. Developmental Dynamics 1995; 202: 1-12.

Induction of the Lim Homeobox Gene Lmx1 by Wnt7a Establishes Dorsoventral Pattern in the Vertebrate Limb, R.D. Riddle*, M. Ensini*, C.E. Nelson, T. Tsuchida, T.M. Jessell and C. Tabin. Cell 1995; 83: 631-640.

Sonic Hedgehog Is an Endodermal Signal Inducing Bmp-4 and Hox Genes During Induction and Regionalization of the Chick Hindgut, D.J. Roberts, R.L. Johnson, A.C. Burke, C.E. Nelson, B.A. Morgan and C. Tabin. Development 1995; 121: 3163-3174.

Hox Genes and the Evolution of Vertebrate Axial Morphology, A.C. Burke, C.E. Nelson, B.A. Morgan and C. Tabin. Development 1995; 121: 333-346.

Coordination of Limb Patterning by Sonic Hedgehog and Fgf-4, E. Laufer, V. Marigo, C.E. Nelson, R.L. Johnson, M.P. Scott and C. Tabin. Developmental Biology 1995; 170: 739-739.

Sonic Hedgehog and Fgf-4 Act through a Signaling Cascade and Feedback Loop to Integrate Growth and Patterning of the Developing Limb Bud, E. Laufer*, C.E. Nelson*, R.L. Johnson, B.A. Morgan and C. Tabin. Cell 1994; 79: 993-1003.

Genetic Cause of Leukocyte Adhesion Molecule Deficiency, C.E. Nelson, H. Rabb, M.A. Arnaout.. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 1992; 267: 3351-3357

Craig Nelson
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