Mary Rumpho


University of Connecticut
Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
91 North Eagleville Road, Unit 3125
Storrs, CT 06269-3125

Telephone: 860-486-6299
Fax: 860-486-4331


Education: PhD Washington State University

Research Interests: My research focuses on the unusual endosymbiotic association between algal (Vaucheria litorea) chloroplasts and a marine mollusc (Elysia chlorotica), resulting in photosynthetic sea slugs. My lab is conducting research to characterize the symbiont plastids and demonstrate horizontal gene transfer between the algal nucleus and the sea slug. In addition, we are exploring the possibility that the sea slug produces anti-cancer metabolites as an anti-predator defense mechanism.

Selected Publications:

Rumpho ME, JM Worful, J Lee, K Kannan, MS Tyler, D Bhattacharya, A Moustafa and JR Manhart 2008 Horizontal gene transfer of the algal nuclear gene psbO to the photosynthetic sea slug Elysia chlorotica. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 105:17867-17871

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Rumpho ME and JR Manhart 2001 Elysia chlorotica and Vaucheria litorea: Symbiosis between a mollusc and algal plastids produces solar-powered sea slugs. ISS Symbiosis Inernational, Vol. 1, No. 2

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