Graduate Student Career Workshops

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March 30, 2017—Melanie Sinche
Student Union Room 304B

Next GenPhD: Where PhDs Land and How to Get There How can you maximize your time in graduate school and/or during postdoctoral training?  What strategies can you use for landing a satisfying occupation?  This presentation will provide an up-to-date assessment of the current career landscape facing science PhDs. Author Melanie Sinche will share proven strategies based on her research and profiles of science PhDs across a wide range of disciplines. Her research identified transferable skills from PhDs and career paths in a range of options, including education, industry, and non-profits.

April 27, 2017—Cynthia Fhurmann
Student Union Room 304B

The Individual Development Plan:  Strategically navigate your scientific career Navigating toward your future can be daunting.  Regardless of the career path(s) you are pursuing, today’s scientist faces a competitive job market that rewards productivity in the lab, stellar communication skills, a strong professional network, and professional confidence.  Creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is one way to help you strategically work toward these goals, advocate for yourself, and take advantage of lucky opportunities that might come along.  This workshop is designed to prepare scientists for creating their IDP, with practical strategies for evaluating career options, setting achievable goals, engaging mentors, and adapting to change as your plan progresses.   Taught by myIDP co-author Cynthia Fuhrmann, this interactive workshop will propel you toward the next step along your career trajectory.

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